Hoe een automatisch controlesysteem voor de kofferbak te installeren?

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Hoe een automatisch controlesysteem voor de kofferbak te installeren?

Berichtdoor RoyStevenson op wo sep 29, 2021 8:03

Machine Feet Option For Quilting

There are some special feet that can make quilting easier for you. They can be bought separately or come with your machine by default. Here I will share the two that I use most when quilting.

If you have been quilting for some time, I bet you know that all quilters want to strike for the ¼’’ seam allowance, which is known as the golden standard when it comes to quilting.

My machine is especially useful in creating this allowance. What I use is an Afbeelding easy to use sewing machine for beginners from Brother, a top sewing quilting machine brand.

Even if you don’t own this particular machine, the tips I share can be used on other models as well.


Use the right feet for quilting

If you are a garment-sewing seamstress, the ¼” sounds like a very narrow allowance but in the world of quilting, this much is enough.

Another difference is that rather than being pressed open, the allowance in quilting is often pressed to one side. Because the ¼” ratio is small, the latter method will help reduce the wear and tear of the projects.

However, not all projects use this method though. The best way to know when to press open is to consult the instruction. It will tell you exactly what to do. I usually press to the darker side unless the instruction states otherwise.

Accuracy is crucial in piecing quilts because you have a lot of small pieces that have to be put together. So it’s vital to have this ratio accurate.

There is one thing I want to tell you, some advanced models of beginner sewing machines have a special setting just for quilting, if you can stretch your budget, these are good choices. Here I will give you the Best Computerized Sewing Machine For Beginners Afbeelding if you decide to buy one.


A free motion quilting foot

Before you quilt your first project, learn about your sewing machine and find out about its feet and options, the one that will come in handy to keep the accurate ¼” seam allowance.

The machine I am using has two feet that I find most useful for quilting. The first one is the basic J foot and the other is the ¼” Foot with seam guide.

The ¼” foot will run the edge of your pieces and the flange can be a guide to make sure you don’t make a too wide seam allowance. With this foot, my allowances are usually sewn accurately.

If you don’t want to use the flange, there is a choice to buy it separately. What I absolutely love about Baby Lock machines is that the accessories are cheaper so it’s easier to add one to your collection without breaking the bank.

I love how this foot helps me out with piecing blocks when the accuracy of the seam allowance can make or break the project.

The J foot has a wide opening so I can see what is going on under the foot. However, this foot will not help you much in keeping the seam allowance precise.

AfbeeldingRead here Which is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners if you are interested in getting a good starter sewing machine that can be used for quilting as well.
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Re: Hoe een automatisch controlesysteem voor de kofferbak te installeren?

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